Thursday, February 28, 2008

Waiting for TA

Sorry to take a while to post anything new. Part of me just doesn't want to post anything that would take her beautiful face off the top of the blog. We are waiting for our TA (travel approval). We did find out that our LOA (letter of acceptance) was sent back two weeks ago. We have been very busy putting together lists, shopping for our trip, and getting our typhoid vaccine (that was a fun one):{. Our visas are going to be delivered tomorrow and Eliza's suitcase is packed (chances are very good that her stuff will spill over into our suitcase too). We are ready to go! Please join us in praying for Eliza's welfare and for the upcoming trip. I am praying we will travel in March. We should know very soon (within the next week would be my guess) when we will be going. I am looking forward to playing with her little feet and kissing those cheeks!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Eliza Hope Jiakai Zimmerman
DOB June 13, 2007
15lbs 14 oz, 24 inches long on 10/17/2007
Yangxi SWI Guangdong province

We are over the moon in love with this girl! According to the report we got she is a deep sleeper, has no teeth, laughs aloud, knows her name, has a ready smile, and is attached to her caretaker. Toby has already nicknamed her our little "Empress". We are hoping to travel in April if not sooner.


Monday, February 4, 2008

I Love You Tomorrow!

Just a few more hours before we see our girl's picture! We had a great dinner tonight-Chinese food. We talked with the owners of the restaurant and wrote out her name for them. It looks like we may have our letters backwards. Instead of Jiakia it is probably Jiakai. I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow. The owner of the restaurant was excited for us. What touched us the most was when she said to us, "Thank you for loving China's girls." Only through Christ can we be so blessed.

I wanted to share a link to information about her orphanage. The website states they have no foster care program so likely she has been there since being found. We enjoyed looking through some of the pictures they had posted.

Yangxi SWI

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!


Chinese name: Song Jiakai
Born: June 13, 2007 (same day as her Great Grandpa Huth)
Location: Guangdong Province, Yangxi SWI

What a day it has been! It was about 1:30pm today when I noticed our adoption agency's websited stated they had received referrals. I had not gotten the call yet so I proceeded to panic just a bit. I called our SW, emailed another family that was expecting one too, and called Toby. Toby then decided to call the main office of our agency and called me back. That's when we found out a few details about our girl. We will have more information and pictures to share tomorrow!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Maybe Next Week!

Some referrals have arrived at a few agencies. Looks like we are in although it is not official yet. I don't think we'll believe it until we see it for ourselves. Talked with our SW earlier and she thinks we will hear next week. Here's praying it will be early in the week. So far it looks promising. We will update when we know more. Please join us in praying that the Lord will safely guide our paperwork through the right channels and ultimately to us.