Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adventures at Great Wolf Lodge

We recently returned home from a 2-day getaway to Great Wolf Lodge in Centralia, Washington. It was fun for all. We were blessed to run into some friends of ours the first day there which turned out to be great for all of us. I found myself "borrowing" their daughter to go on the bigger water slides since my own kids are not very into "dare-devil" rides. The indoor wave pool was a hit with Emma and Eliza. Emma could usually be found in the middle of the action there while Eliza enjoyed playing in the waves on the "cement beach" (as Toby called it). Faith liked the pool with the basketball hoops and was talked into going on the "Howling Tornado" a few times by both Mom and Dad. Ethan had fun on everything except the slides. I did get him on the "Howling Tornado" once which resulted in a "good lecture" directed at me for talking him into it--I had to laugh since he is such a compliant child until I put him in "danger"--as he put it.

Ethan & Emma in the wave pool

Faith at the bottom a small slide in the shallow play area

Eliza in the waves with Daddy--she never misses a chance to do her "cheese face" in pictures--silly girl!

The trip was full of sweet memories. The night of our first day there I took Eliza to our room to bathe and get her jammies on. Afterward we went to the store to find a souvenir. She looked all over the store and examined many stuffed toys. I would ask her, "Do you want this one?". Every time she would say, "No". After about 10 minutes of this I handed her a stuffed wolf. This one was a keeper! I then said to her, "Okay, lets go pay for your new friend." She then replied, "Tank To, Mama." I melted. Such a sweet girl we have been blessed with!

This all got me thinking about the Lord. How many times does he lovingly give us something and we are faced with the option of saying thank you. Does my Heavenly Father "melt" at a heart felt thank you the way I did with Eliza? I think he does. I bet He draws us close and says, "You're welcome, dear one," in much the same way we do with our children--only better.

Eliza and her new friend "Wolfie"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This Fourth of July was full of seconds--Eliza's second 4th of July parade, our second year of taking her out to my parent's house for our annual family BBQ, and our second time seeing our newest nephew, Hunter. What a fun day!!!! Eliza is now old enough to get up and "dive" for candy at the parade. Once she figured out that they were throwing goodies she started waving and signing "please" whenever a new group would go by. The older kids soon figured out that you get more goodies when you have a very cute baby sister near by--a win win situation I think.

Waiting for the Parade to begin.

Eliza modeling some of her goodies--a flag and a new necklace.

After the parade we drove down to my parent's house for the annual family BBQ. It was a fun day for all! Eliza and her cousin, Seth, played a new game together where she would go down the slide and he would sit at the bottom and pretend she knocked him down. The girls had a great time with all their cousins and the great toys Grandma & Grandpa had for them to play with. Ethan is coming up on a new stage. He know is more interested in sitting with the adults than playing with the little ones. He did have a great time teasing his uncles with his "quick wit". Even Sisko was having a great time eating up all the "dropped" food and even a hot dog from Grandma.

Faith and Hunter.

Matt and his youngest, Olivia, taking advantage of a comfortable swing.

Getting ready for Grandma & Grandpa's fireworks display.