Friday, July 30, 2010

Books with Boo

It's time for another book recommendation from "Boo". There is one book that is brought to me the most often, that she knows so well she can practically read it herself, and whose main character is full of fun and mischief much like Eliza. This great book is called "Olivia" by Ian Falconer. This book is all about an amazing pig who can master anything she puts her mind to. It is definitely one of our favorites. Take a look for yourself!

Monday, July 12, 2010

July Happenings

July is already half over and we have had some busy and fun times. First of all we enjoyed the annual 4th of July parade with dear friends and the yearly trip to Grandma & Grandpa B.'s for BBQ and fireworks. We are eagerly anticipating sharing these traditions with our next baby when God chooses to bring them home.
Eliza really enjoyed the parade!
Emma told Eliza that if she smiled, waved, and looked cute people would give her.....
My mom has this gargoyle and a bear statue in her yard. I have a picture of Ethan kissing the bear when he was around Eliza's age. When I tried to get a shot of Eliza kissing the bear she decided to kiss the gargoyle instead.

Last week we went in for our fingerprinting at INS. This is part of the process that will eventually grant us permission to bring a baby home. Hopefully that paperwork will come in the next few weeks.

The kids and I also made a day of a trip to Seaside. Eliza eventually played in the sand with her sisters which was a huge answer to prayer. She has never been too fond of the stuff. Then again, neither is her brother!
Ethan is on the blanket trying to avoid the sand and Eliza is on Ethan doing the same thing. These two are so much alike sometimes it's scary!

Eliza running through the sand with Emma

Other than that we have managed to do a little hiking, bargain shopping at various yard sales, and planning for next school year. The Summer is flying by quickly and we are enjoying making memories together. I will try to post more soon. For now, enjoy the pictures!

Faith got her birthday present early so that she could enjoy it through the Summer. This is her first "new" bike that was not handed down to her.
Eliza stopped to examine the flowers on our hike.