Friday, September 10, 2010

Has It Been A Month Already?

I can't believe it has been a month since my last post. I really did intend to update much more often but I have found myself wonderfully busy with some of my favorite people. For those of you who are checking in to see how things have progressed with the adoption, we have now moved up to #8 on the wait list for a referral! We really could get the call any time now. It's a good thing we are busy or I might just go crazy waiting:-).

Today the kids and I had the privilege of greeting some friends who returned home from Ethiopia with their kiddos. What a sweet memory and so fun to be on the greeting end of a homecoming. I always feel nostalgic when I go to the international arrival gate at the airport. Not long ago we were blessed to come through that gate with Eliza. It's almost like visiting the room you gave birth in. I am eagerly awaiting the day we get to come through that gate with "Baby Africa". Who knew airports could be so special?

We have had a few adventures in the last month. We were able to meet up with Uncle Dale at the air show and see his airplane, we made our annual beach trip, and we were able to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday. Huge praise--Eliza, who has had some sensory issues since coming home from China, played in the sand and water at the beach! No tears and she didn't even complain about being dirty!

We started school and it has been great. We are settling into a schedule and even joined a co-op. Eliza started preschool and dance this past week and amazed me with her ability to adjust to her new activities. She has really loved both so far. It is hard to believe she is ready for all of this. These adjustments are much harder on me than her.

Blessings! Hopefully our next post will be about a referral. Just a warning, we are not allowed to post photos or even our child's given name on the Internet. We will be able to give some basics like the age and gender of our baby.